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Angeline Hoefer of Willoughby has a simple reason she wants to lose weight - family. She longs to travel to see those spread out across the country and dreams of the ease with which she can make it happen if she if she loses weight. She is working to become healthy enough to take part in the Heart Walk in May, in memory of her late grandson.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


This past weekend was very busy.  My husband and I drove to Georgetown Indiana for our granddaughter’s baptism.  It was a wonderful weekend to spend with the family.  The weather was great so we could spend time outside.  Our son has a small farm with some animals. 


I did great on the drive down with not eating anything not on my list and I managed to stick with water.  The rest of the weekend was a challenge though because there was a lot of people and a lot of food.  In our family eating is what we do best and every gathering always has an abundance of food. 


I normally only weigh once a week, but I had to know the damage for the weekend.  What a pleasant surprise when I got on that scale this morning.  I maintained.  What a blessing.  I was trying so hard to not over eat and not to eat too much that was more fattening than I needed.  My diligence paid off. 






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