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Angeline Hoefer of Willoughby has a simple reason she wants to lose weight - family. She longs to travel to see those spread out across the country and dreams of the ease with which she can make it happen if she if she loses weight. She is working to become healthy enough to take part in the Heart Walk in May, in memory of her late grandson.

Friday, March 16, 2012




I have been traveling a lot lately and that has put a crimp in my plans.  I tend to do very well with I am at work because everything is routine, but traveling sure twists everything.

I try to be strong, but I don’t tend to exercise when I am away from home and I definitely eat way too much.  I often don’t even realize what I am doing when it comes to food.

Then are times when it is like, I better eat this now because I may never get it again.  I know that is dumb sounding, but it is how I think.


Last week and through the weekend I was in Florida.  I was with a group of me that just love to eat and drink.  I was definitely outnumbered. 


This weekend hopefully I will have a little more control.  I am traveling to Indiana to visit my son and his family.  My granddaughter is going to be baptized.  There will be about 20 people there and naturally a lot of food.  The difference, I hope is that I will be doing some of the cooking and I will have supporters around me. 


One thing that is good is that I did not gain much and I have a few weeks till the next weigh in.  Overall, my disappointment is that I am not where I had hoped to be at this point.


I hope everyone has a good weekend.




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